Iowa Biotechnology Association Members

<strong>Paul Clark</strong><br />
				9140 Deer Valley Drive<br />
				Cedar Rapids, IA 52411<br />
                <strong>Eastern Iowa</strong><br /><br />
			  	Phone: (319) 390-9044<br />
				Cell: (319) 533-5953<br />
			<br />

				E-Mail: <strong>Bruce Hunt</strong><br />
				2121 North 151st Avenue Circle<br />
				Omaha, NE  68116<br />
                 <strong>Western Iowa, Nebraska</strong><br /><br />
				Cell: (402) 690-3411<br />
			<br />


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We proudly use local installers for all of our Iowa Buying Agreement customers.

Please select your location, and contact your local sales representative today.

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